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Flexible choices regarding network infrastructures are essential in meeting the diverse requirements of today’s mission critical compute environments. VSEM provides industry-leading networking technologies that deliver the capabilities you require, including increases in speed and capacity while supporting new service delivery styles such as cloud computing.

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Core Network Assessment

New business challenges and opportunities emerge every day—is your network prepared to meet these challenges?  Are you missing out on leveraging the latest technologies and advancements?  Networks change every day by seemingly not changing at all.  New applications are added and removed changing how your infrastructure functions and affecting how your business operates.

Are You Ready to Take Your Network to the Next Level?

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Wireless Network

The explosion of mobility in the workplace presents some unique challenges when managing wireless networks.  To be productive, your users need wireless access to corporate applications and Internet connectivity from their laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices.  Add the “Bring Your Own Device” trend to the mix, and the number and type of devices is growing at an exponential rate.  It all results in increased demand for secure, scalable, and high performance wireless access.

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End User Computing

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) / Mobility

The explosion of mobile and end-user devices is making access methods and control a daunting task in managing today’s business networks. Whether outlining approved devices for access or leveraging a flavor of BYOD to enable application or VDI access, a consistent approach to authenticating, authorizing, and reporting on network entry is paramount for a secure environment. VSEM is ready to examine your people, processes, and technology to understand your end-user access methods, identify areas of concern, and work in conjunction with key business stakeholders to implement a secure blueprint for access control. 

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