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VSEM Technology provides comprehesive and innovative solutions from the industry-leading networking vendors, as well as some of the best engineers to help you design, implement, and maintain your robust network infrastructures, which is critical for business success. Flexible choices of network infrastructures are essential in meeting the diverse requirements of today’s mission critical compute environments.

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Core Network Assessment

VSEM Technology offers a core network assessment, which will enable you to maintain an optimized network. Our assessment includes a network inventory, detailing all your hardwares and softwares, performance testing to identify misconfigurations and bandwidth bottlenecks, traffic analysis, Cisco Internetwork operating systems vulnerabilities, and configuration and network device review.

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Wireless Network

VSEM Technology has been successfully deploying advanced wireless networks for customers for many years. Our team of seasoned engineers is dedicated and certified on the latest systems and RF capabilities. We carefully perform wireless assessments to qualify the business drivers behind your networks, and then design and deploy the ideal solution based on your specific wireless applications.

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End User Computing

VSEM Technology has invested significant advanced development effort to build out effective VDI use cases that take into consideration Green Field opportunities. We know there are many choices regarding VDI implementations, and we have developed the tools necessary to measure the benefits of this technology against your unique and specific requirements.

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